Getting Started with Credit Key

Learn about Credit Key's integration flow for implementing a Buy Now Pay Later option at your point of sale.

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Getting Started

Credit Key offers flexible financing options with instant approval.

To apply, borrowers supply a minimum amount of business information, and our proprietary underwriting algorithm will provide a decision in seconds. Once a borrower is approved, when placing an order, they will be presented with several financing options, depending on the borrower’s credit eligibility. The borrower will select their loan terms and submit the order. Once the order has been shipped, the merchant will be paid, and the borrower will begin repaying the loan.

Contact Credit Key Support via email or call (844) 334-3636 with any questions. We're here to help!

Integration Overview

Credit Key can be embedded as a payment option in an online checkout or invoicing flow. There are three different options for integrating with Credit Key:

  • Supported Platform Integrations: Credit Key has pre-built integrations with some of the most popular e-commerce providers. If you use one of these platforms, simply install the platform extension and you’ll be ready to accept transactions.
  • Direct Integration with our Hosted Checkout Experience: For merchants who don’t use one of our integrated platforms, a custom integration can be built with our hosted user interfaces for application & checkout flows by either embedding a modal iFrame experience or by redirecting users to special pages hosted on
  • Custom Integration with our API: Merchants can build an integration fully customized to their flow and control the UI and all the interactions with their users.