Integration API

An interface to interact with Credit Key for applications, orders, accounts, payments etc.

Integration API

Fully customizable payment experiences can be created using the Credit Key API. The three main components of integrating with Credit Key are the initial underwriting (the “application”), creating an order, and managing an order. The ability to service a loan by facilitating payments is also available. With our API, merchants have more flexibility to integrate Credit Key in a way that works best for their business.

For example, merchants can expedite the application flow by pre-populating data they already have about their customers. They can control the user experience by building the Credit Key application & checkout directly into their own UI. Orders(shipment, refunds, etc.) can be managed directly from their systems.

Components of the Credit Key API:

  • Authenticate with our System: Only approved merchants are eligible to receive API credentials that can be used to request an access token for authentication.
  • Submit a Borrower Application:
    An application can be submitted by submitting borrower information. An underwriting decision (Approved, Declined, or Pended) will be returned and a borrower's Total Credit Line (TCL) will be calculated.
  • Create an Order: If a borrower is approved, an order can be created for the amount that the borrower would like to finance. Based on the borrower's available TCL, creditworthiness, and amount being financed, the available financing terms will be returned and must be presented to the borrower.
  • Authorize the Order: When the borrower selects their financing terms, this information is sent to Credit Key to authorize the order.
  • Get the Loan Agreement: Once an order is authorized, a loan agreement will need to be presented to the borrower.
  • Capture the Order: Depending on the use case (order shipped, invoice paid, etc.), once an order is captured, the funds for the order will be available for disbursement and the repayment schedule will start.
  • Cancel or Refund the Order: Orders can be refunded or cancelled.
  • View or Update Company Information: A company’s available TCL & status can be fetched. A company can be put on hold. A payment method can be added.
  • Subscribe to a Webhook: Subscribe to receive webhook events.


Your Public Key is not private. It is used to identify the associated account with Credit Key. It can safely be published in merchant documentation and used in code snippets.

The Shared Secret should be kept confidential. The account’s shared secret can be used to perform requests to the Credit Key API.

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