Magento 1

Before You Begin

  • You will need a public key and shared secret to activate CREDIT KEY on your site.
  • The CREDIT KEY integrations team will need all of your domains before the plugin can be configured.
  • Review your current checkout process to understand how CREDIT KEY will affect operations and customer experience.
  • Ensure your sales team has been trained and that marketing materials have been sent to the CREDIT KEY team.


The Credit Key module for Magento 2.1 can be downloaded from GitHub. Manual installation is required for this version.


From the Magento admin, navigate to System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods and scroll down to the Credit Key (Gateway) section.

The Marketing Content on Product Pages section allows you to enable the Credit Key marketing content to be displayed on the selected product detail pages. You can enable/disable this feature globally, select the specific categories to allow the content to be displayed on the products belonging to said categories, and select the style of the displayed content.


To move the location of the marketing display on the product details page you will need to modify the file creditkey/marketing.xml from your active theme. This will most likely be located at {magento_root}/theme/design/frontend/{YourCompany}/{theme-name}/layout/creditkey/marketing.xml.

To see the available containers you can use reference Magento's primary catalog.xml file, located at app/design/frontend/rwd/default/layout/catalog.xml.

Questions? Contact Credit Key Support