Offer Credit Key as a payment option via NetSuite for CSR orders. Contact our integrations team to learn more about how CREDIT KEY works with NetSuite.

  • You will need a public key and shared secret to activate CREDIT KEY on your site.
  • The CREDIT KEY integrations team will need all of your domains before the bundle can be configured.
  • Review your current checkout process to understand how CREDIT KEY will affect operations and customer experience.
  • Ensure your sales team has been trained and that marketing materials have been sent to the CREDIT KEY team.

Before you begin

Before beginning integration, you should review:

  • The transaction flow when using Credit Key as a payment method for CSR orders.
  • Your current checkout process to understand how Credit Key will affect operations

Sandbox development

Test the Credit Key integration in your sandbox environment using our staging environment. To use our staging platform, retrieve your staging API keys at https://staging.creditkey.com/app/users/sign_in for use during integration. Contact your integrations manager if you do not have access to your staging account.

After testing, retrieve your production API keys at https://www.creditkey.com/app/dashboard/merchant

After adding production keys, your sales team is ready to offer Credit Key as a payment option for CSR orders.

Questions? Contact Credit Key Support