Testing Purchaser Flow

Credit Key requires that all applications for credit be completed by an authorized signer for a given company. This typically translates to the owner of the company. In the event that an unauthorized employee is applying, Credit Key supports the ability for an application for a company to be sent to an authorized signer for that company.

Purchaser flow

  1. Open a new, incognito or private browser session
  2. Start a new application flow
  3. Provide unique, unused email and phone credentials
  4. When asked if you are the owner:
  5. Choose the option to send the application to an owner
  6. Provide first and last name and an unused, unique email address

Owner flow

Recommended: right click CTA in email and copy link. Paste link into new incognito/private session

  1. Wait for an email from Credit Key to complete the application
  2. Click the link to complete the application in the email
  3. Enter in same email that was used to receive the application notification
  4. Enter in a new, unique phone number
  5. Complete remaining application steps
  6. Approved companies will be able to authorize the original purchaser applicant as an approved purchaser for the company

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